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ABBA Grebbestads Anchovy Fillets (ansjovis fileer original)
Sold out for the season 2017.
ABBA Onion Marinade Herring (lök sill)
Out of Stock.
Basket skor (gummy kicks)
In Stock.
Cool Ice pack
In stock
Ekströms Instant Vanilla Sauce (vaniljsås)
In Stock.
Mix & Match - chocolate
$2.95 for 1/4lb
Out of Stock.
Mix & Match - licorice
$2.95 for 1/4 lb
In Stock.
Önos Jordgubbsaft (strawberry saft)
Out of Stock.
Porridge rice (risgryn gröt)
Out of Stock.
Swedish Ginger Snaps (pepparkakor)
Out of Stock.
Vaniljsocker (Swedish Vanilla Sugar)
Back in stock early Spring 2018
Wettex classic sponge cloth
In Stock.