Ljus sirap (Swedish Baking Syrup Light)

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Syrup (sugar syrup) is obtained as a by-product when white sugar is produced from beet or cane sugar in a sugar refinery. Syrup is a viscous sugar solution where some of the sugar has been broken down into glucose and fructose.This combination of different sugar types prevents crystallisation, while the very high sugar content (approx. 80%) guarantees a long shelf life.

Syrups are produced with a variety of colours and tastes, which derive from small amounts of mineral salts and other substances naturally present in the raw materials.Each syrup type is adapted for its specific area of use.Syrup is especially useful as a baking ingredient, but is also used for making confectionery.

Light Syrup is the classic basic syrup for making sweets, cookies, desserts, sauces, meat dishes.

Weight: 1.65lb (750g)

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